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Bell's Palsy

I just updated my Facebook page with a post about my Bell's Palsy and it might be my last post. I wanted to save all my posts about it somewhere and thought this old blog might be a good place. Just in case I wanted to go back and relive it all one day. 😳😥

October 30, 2017
The last 24 hours have been challenging, to say the least. I woke up Sunday morning feeling a bit weird, and figuring out that I have Bell’s Palsy. I would not have known what was going on had it not been for a friend that had this many years ago.
It started Friday night. My neck and behind my ear was really sore and kept me up all night. I thought I just slept funny, was tired and a little stressed due to a busy weekend, so I ignored it. Then on Saturday, my lips were twitching a lot. Like they wouldn’t stop twitching, so much that it was a little alarming. Still, I ignored that. Saturday night my neck was hurting again and kept me up, and my tongue felt numb. I couldn’t sleep and when we got up in the morning, …

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