Finally, I did it, after 2 1/2 years!

Run. I ran on the treadmill finally today, for the first time since I got pregnant with Marielle.

I have been working out on and off since I was 19. I was in college and I noticed that I was out of shape since playing high school volleyball (that first year of college may have also contributed to my out-of-shapeness) and decided to join a gym. I got a trainer and had a few workouts and I stuck with it pretty well through college. When I met Jon, he worked out as well, so it was easy for me to keep up with it.

When we got married, we both worked out (usually) 4 days a week. We would get up at 5:00 and go to our separate gyms (I go to an all women’s gym) Monday through Thursday. I even continued to work out all through out my pregnancy with Marielle, but I couldn’t run from the very beginning. When I found out I was pregnant, I kept working out just as hard as usual and started spotting, so I quit running and eased up on my workouts. That was about October or November of 2007.

After I had Marielle and was cleared from the doctor to work out, I couldn’t wait to get back in the gym. I started slow, but I was ready. I remember the first time I tried to run. I had joined Jon’s gym, Foxy’s, and hated working out around all the guys. I was always so intimidated. I kept to myself and got back on the treadmill. I was walking and feeling good and thought, “I think I can run”, so I increased my speed. I had barely made it to a jog and felt it. Pee. Yes, I peed my pants in the middle of the gym. It wasn’t a lot and I stopped running immediately. I was mortified. I ran to the bathroom and left. I was so upset. What just happened?? Did I pee my pants when I started to run?? Oh no!

Since it also happened when I coughed or sneezed, I mentioned it to a friend and my doctor. Who knew this was a common thing? I didn’t. I thought old ladies peed on themselves. I was 29. My doctor said it would get better. But if not, there is a surgery for it, but you have to be sure you don’t want any more kids to do it. I knew I wanted more kids, so no running for me, or any sudden movements for that matter.

It has been worse since having Aliza. I knew it would be a problem, but I was hoping all my kegel exercises would help. I have been back working out since January, but I haven’t tried to run. I didn’t want to leave the gym in the middle of a workout because I peed myself (at least now I am back at an all women’s gym). But today I decided to try it. Even if just for 30 seconds, there would be some hope that I could run again!!

And I did it!! I ran and didn’t pee my pants!! I kept running for a long time – well, a long time for me, 15 minutes straight. Then I walked some and ran again. It felt great!! I have never been a good runner. I have to force myself. I am much better at playing a sport or bouncing from one cardio machine to the next. Running has always bored me and I never felt good at it. But today, my run felt better than ever. I had to document it but was too embarrassed to ask anyone to take my picture. So I made do…

IMG_0549 That’s me. Running. For the first time in 2 1/2 years.

So for any of my pregnant friends or future mothers that read this – BEWARE!! You might have a pee problem after giving birth! Nobody told me – but I’m passing the word!!



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