Easter Day 2011

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It was a fun day spent at my sister in law, Dawn’s house. The Gary’s are big on pocking eggs. I never heard of it until I entered into the Gary family. If you are unfamiliar with this pocking thing, everyone has their own stash of eggs, dyed and decorated…

Eggs for Pocking

then you take either the skinny end or fat end and hit them together with anyone else who has eggs. Whoevers egg breaks, looses and looses their egg to the stronger egg. The winner keeps both eggs. It looks something like this…

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or this…

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Or this…

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Or even this…

my girls pocking

My family came home with a few more eggs than we went there with = VICTORY!!

There was also an egg hunt for the little ones. My girls are still not very interested in this egg hunt thing. They don’t quite understand it and were slow getting eggs, Uncle Jared had to help out and give them a few hints. Cassidy and Jaci racked up!!

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I never realized it, but Dawn and Ray’s backyard is a great place for pictures!! Those trees are lined up perfectly and I had fun just trying to get good pictures of my girls.

Also, here are a few pics of egg dying at our house

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f (14)f (15)

and lastly – the baskets!! Minimal, but perfect for my girls!!

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Hope you had a Happy Easter!!


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