After daycare, i took Marielle to my parents office to pick up her homemade wagon. My mom and dad have one also, but i will have to compete to make mine look as good as theirs…

IMG_0111_1 “Hi Mom!”

Even Nate loves it…


Also , Marielle has discovered her 2 bottom teeth (the only ones she has)! She felt them with her tongue for a while, it was so cute – of course i grabbed the camera…



I think all this teeth stuff has really been hurting her, so she has been napping more and i have been giving her some Tylenol.

Also, I took Marielle to the store and put her in the cart for the first time…She was so funny. She just looked around and watched me shop.



We go to Dr. Franz again today to see about her ear infections…we will probably be referred to an ENT for tubes:( I’ll update soon!


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