What’s up with us??

So, what’s been going on with Marielle you ask?? LOTS of stuff!! She is getting so big and really strong! I think she might lift weights like her mom and dad!! No really, she is getting big, pulling up a little bit, not quite crawling, and as you can see from pictures, spitting all over the place.

She isn’t really talking but she is screaming and blah, blah, blah-ing. She will repeat after us if we do a little “humph” and we will go back and forth, and back and forth and back and forth, even at 2:00 am. She is not sleeping through the night all the time. We’ll get a good night here and there, but lately it has been once a night and Jon and I take turns going to rock her.

I have been going CRAZY with our new camera. My sister and I are starting a photography class at LSU next week so I can learn how to use it correctly. It is fun to get good close ups and if I can get some good sunlight on Marielle, the pictures turn out beautiful.

pics 079 DSC_0180

Jon is already worried about our hard drive in the computer because I take so many pictures!! I’m sure everyone that checks this site gets bored with them too!! But how can you not like to look at pictures of Marielle? She is so cute!!

We have her eating 3 times a day (oatmeal and a fruit or veggie) and she loves it. She does much better at daycare with a full belly. If you haven’t already seen the pictures, I have been making some of her baby food.

1-20-09 014 1-20-09 009 1-20-09 010

I just think it is kind of fun, and easy. And I am finally using the food processor we got as a wedding gift!! It is coming in really handy. So far I have made bananas, carrots, peas, and pears. Next I am going to try sweet potatoes and a butternut squash. That might take a little more time, but still I think it will be easy.

Starting at the end of February, Marielle will start some swim lessons. It isn’t really learning to swim, but learning how not to drown. It is very odd; the lessons are just 10 minutes a day for 4 to 6 weeks. If anyone is interested in learning more about it, go to their website here.. We will be doing the lessons in the indoor pool at Foxy’s. They also have an instructor doing classes soon in Gonzales. Since we have a pool, I thought this was very important for us. I am so nervous about letting her get in the water with someone else and them putting her under. But the instructor has trained over 600 kids and she also trains the instructors, hopefully I can trust her!!


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