Giving it a shot.

I started this blog a long time ago and never followed through with keeping it up. I didn’t send it out to anyone, except Jon, mainly because I was kind of scared people would actually read it. You can see I put up a few posts, but that was months ago. I really like the way a blog is set up as opposed to my current website for our family ( I can insert pictures into the blog to illustrate what I am talking about instead of having a bunch of albums with captions. Then I can just put up a picture and some little words about what we were doing and send it out. The pictures upload faster, so that is less time on the computer…

This August, I took my camera everywhere for some reason. I have 2 friends, Julie and Hayley, that were in town and I really wanted to get some shots of us together. I got some pics of my best friends who I hardly ever get to see. Julie lives in California and has for several years now and Hayley just got her masters in Australia and is going back to work for a year or more. I know, we are all jealous. Julie, Hayley, Aimee and I were nicknamed the “fab four” in high school for some reason and it stuck. I love the Fab Four and these 3 girls will always be my best friends.

stuff 075

Aimee, Hayley, Me, Julie


Other than that, I have just a bunch of pictures of Marielle doing stuff. Jon let Marielle drive…

stuff 111 stuff 110 and she loved it!

We had 2 parties one Saturday and both were outside. It was a really hot day, and you can tell by just looking at Marielle. She sweat so much, Marielle obviously got the sweating gene from my side of the family…

parties 8-15-09 001 This is how she started out the day, all cute and dry…

parties 8-15-09 060 This is how the day ended…a little sweaty and messy….

All I have to say about this next picture is

stuff 030 UH-OH!

She’s ready for some LSU football

 lsu outfit 001 lsu outfit 004lsu outfit 023  lsu outfit 018  lsu outfit 027 lsu outfit 028 lsu outfit 038


stuff 032 She loves my poking out belly button. She pushes it and I make honking noises, she thinks its hilarious!

Speaking of my belly, I am so excited to be almost done with this pregnancy. It has gone well and I have had no sickness or complications, but I am sure feeling the weight a lot earlier than last time. And chasing around a 14 month old does not make it any easier. Marielle wants to be picked up a lot and I am doing my best not to, but honestly, I want to because I feel like my time with just her is so limited. In the last week or so, it has really gotten uncomfortable to pick her up. My stomach is so big, it is hard to hold her. I have about 5 weeks left, and I am praying that this baby will come early. We’ll see…

Anyway, I’ll share some other really cute pictures of Marielle. Enjoy!


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