OB update

I went to my OB yesterday and found out that I am 1 centimeter dilated and very soft. I am so excited because I never dilated with Marielle. I know I could be like this for a few weeks, but it is still encouraging that something is going on down there.
It's getting close and I have to say, I am pretty nervous about having Marielle and a little baby. Marielle is doing well and very active, and that seems to be the problem! She is so active, running around everywhere and testing us all the time. For example, she'll look at the fireplace, think for a second, then walk towards it and look back at me or Jon and smile so big; she knows she is doing somthing wrong. Right now, as big as I am, and as tired as I am, it is so hard for me to run to her and remove her. But I have to, I can't let her think playing in the fireplace is ok! And if we go outside, she'll run directly into the street, looking back with that little deviant smile. That kind of stuff makes me nervous. How will I be able to control her, and have a new little baby in my arms?? I guess we'll figure it out; people do it all the time, right?
Anyway, my due date is a little over three weeks away, so I'm sure I have some more tome to be carrying this baby on the inside. As hard as it is on me, I can do it! Wish us luck!!


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