I went back to the doctor today and I am still 1 cm. I have been 1 centimeter for 3 weeks now. I was so hoping for more! Last week when I had an ultrasound, they estimated that the baby weighed about 7 lbs. 5 oz. Last weekend I had some contractions, 3 Friday and 3 Saturday that were back to back. I really thought I was getting ready, but I haven't had any contractions since then:( Booo!! So, when I went back to the doctor today, she said she felt most comfortable inducing me Tuesday or Wednesday, because I grow such big babies. She estimated that by then, the baby will be over 8 lbs. and then we worry about being able to deliver. I am totally scared of a c-section, so as much as i wanted to just go into labor this time, I guess an induction will have to do. I chose Wednesday, hopefully giving this baby enough time to come on its own. So, if I have not already gone into labor, Wednesday morning of next week (October 14), we go in at 4:00 am.
Marielle still has no clue what is going on, and I wonder how she will be next week when there is a little baby around. We'll see, I'm sure she'll do great. She is a sweet little girl and loves to love on things. Hopefully her brother or sister will be one of those things!!
Wish us luck!! Can't wait until next week!!

October 031


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