Soon to be a family of 4 – like REALLY soon!

So, the day is almost here. I was hoping not to, but in my case of growing big babies and my aversion to c-sections, I am in the position to schedule an induction. I am so excited about the changes that are about to happen, but of course, totally scared!! We have been taking video’s of Marielle like never before and I have still been taking tons of pictures of her. I want to capture every moment of her as an “only” child. Even if she is only 15 months old.

October 134October 113  October 018 lsu - florida tailgating 025 (She loves her pa-pa!!)

She has been talking a lot, repeating words we say, and pointing things out like dog and ball on her own. It is really fun to see her develop her little personality. I started talking to her about being a Big Sister and have been asking her, “Marielle, what are you going to be?” and she says, in a little person voice “sis-ter” which sounds nothing really like sister, but you can tell what she is saying. I have been telling her that she is going to be a great BIG sister, just like her Nanny Ally. Look how cute they are!

lsu - florida tailgating 055

We have the next few days lined up with family helping us get Marielle to and from daycare and spending the night with her and stuff. We have such a wonderful family so willing to help. Jon’s sister will be picking Marielle up from daycare and bringing her to the hospital to meet the new baby. I am nervous about when Marielle meets the new baby and I hope she does well meeting her new brother or sister. I guess it doesn’t matter – she’ll have to live with it!! 

My sister asked me the other day if I still took pictures of adults. I thought about it for a second and almost said no, because really, I don’t!!! I haven’t really wanted to be in many pictures and I have that really expensive camera that I am really protective of. But, just for the fun of it, I'll show you what I looked like at 39.5 weeks with Marielle and at 38 weeks this time.

39.5 weeks1 October 107

I cannot believe I am posting those pictures, but EVERYONE asks if I carried the same and if I think it is a boy or girl and stuff like that. All I can say, is that I carried both babies pretty much the same. I think that proves it. But, I really don’t have a guess as to whether it’s a boy or girl. I don’t think there is much to the old wives tales about how you carry. I think that is just they way I carry babies. I still have not butt, and ALL the baby weight is in my stomach…yuk – making my back really hurt and my stomach probably un-repairable after 2 babies in less than 2 years…but look how cute that little girl is looking up at me!! Totally worth it!!!!

October 112 Funny Face!!tiger morning 008 Geaux Tigers!

I will be updating my facebook page from my phone on Wednesday, so if you are my friend you probably be up to date. If not, we’ll be calling around to let everyone know if Marielle has a sister or brother and the name (which I am totally excited about sharing)!

And thanks to everyone who has already been praying for us and sending us luck. I am hoping everything goes smoothly and love the extra prayers!!


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