This girl is a tough one.

Well, I haven't updated in a while, and I have started to a few times, but sometimes it's hard to be able to sit and finish something I started. The main reason for that is because Aliza cries a lot. And I mean like, a lot. We have tried lots of different things to make her happy but nothing has worked yet. Now I am going to eat nothing but oatmeal, bananas and toast, and see if its lactose that bothers her. No milk or dairy at all. Her doctor says that after 3 months, her stomach should be able to handle more food. I hope this makes her a happier baby. It sucks right now because we are scared to take her anywhere. We (I) have been staying pretty close to home for a while now, and it getting old. I am ready to get out and do something!!

But, when Aliza is not crying and awake, which is 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, she is so cute. Like the most adorable little baby, cooing and smiling and showing her little dimple on her left cheek.

aliza 010 aliza 011

OMG – how cute is she??!!

Here are a few from Thanksgiving of both the girls…

girls 103 girls 112

And Marielle is the cutest 17 month old EVER!! She is talking a lot and learning so fast. She makes me laugh everyday (and I need it right now). She now can tell me when she goes “poo-poo”, she’ll come and stand in front of me, turn around and wait for me to check her diaper. It is hilarious! I even got her to say okey-dokey. Check it out: you have to turn it up to hear her…

girls 047 girls 091

nov 033 Marielle LOVES to eat. She says, “eat, eat” and runs to her chair at lunch and dinner time. She also says “snack” which is really more like “nack” when we open the pantry. It is so funny, she associates the pantry with snacks!! Daycare tells me she is the first one to sit down for snack and the last one to leave. She sleeps great, better than ever right now, and is taking really long naps. This weekend she napped for 4 and 1/2 hours!! That was a record!

Hopefully I’ll get to update again soon!!

Quick comparison – both girls at 6 weeks:

Marielle 040 Marielle  Aliza 002Aliza


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