4 Months – Finally!

Dear Aliza,

You are now 4 months old and as cute as can be. For Example:

home 198

I mean, WHAT? I can’t even believe you are mine!! Look at that adorable smile! I am so in love!! I had a little photo shoot with you today and these are some we got in one of your Valentine’s outfits – too cute!!

home 226 home 197 home 200 home 203 home 219 home 220

At 4 months now, you are becoming a really happy baby. You respond well to us smiling at you and you giggle a little also! Sometimes, if I can tell you are about to fuss, I can just look at you with a big smile, say “hey” to you and you will light up. You get a little flirty smile on your face and crinkle your nose – and the dimple in your left cheek is irresistible.

You haven’t been sleeping through the night as well as you were before you got sick. Soon after you started going to Mrs. Wendy’s house during the day, you got sick and had a cough. It sounded pretty bad to me so we took you in to see the doctor. It wound up being RSV and an ear infection. Sometimes RSV can be really bad and require hospitalization, but yours was not bad at all really. It was just a little cold (not in your chest), you got some antibiotics and we had to keep your nose clear of snot. It really wasn’t bad, except that you stopped sleeping through the night. I was getting up once a night to feed you and put you back down, and last week we decided to try giving you some cereal in a bottle in the evenings. We never did that with Marielle, but I really wanted some sleep!! Between you and Marielle, I needed to get some rest!! It has worked well and I think you like it.

You are doing really well sitting in the bumbo and exersaucer and grabbing at the toys on it.

home 034 home 078

It’s like a new discovery every time we put you in one of them.

You love to watch your sister play and run around the house. She keeps you entertained and somehow you can sleep through all her screaming and talking. Marielle can be throwing a tantrum and you can be 2 feet away from her just sleeping happily. I wish I could sleep through it sometimes!!

home 151 home 150 Here she is piling Mardi Gras beads on you while you are in the swing. It didn’t bother you a bit!!

You talk A LOT…for a 4 month old, I think. You are very vocal, talking while you are hanging out in the swing or laying under the playland thing or even in your bed. You will wake up in the morning as happy as can be, talking and cooing to yourself. It is literally music to my ears. I have even heard a few consonants in there, something that I think you are very young to be doing.

You put us through a lot your first 3 to 3 1/2 months – it was really hard to be your mom! You cried so much and many days I just didn’t know what to do. We brought you to the doctor so many times to see if there was anything wrong with you or hurting you and we could never find anything. You were as healthy as can be, but you just liked to cry all the time. It was a trying time, but I couldn’t have loved anything more than being with you. I didn’t want anyone else to have  you while you were crying, so it was a lot easier for your dad and I to stay home and take care of you and your big sister. We haven’t gone a lot of places with you yet, but I’m sure that will change  soon. I can’t wait to show you off!!

I love you baby Aliza,



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