Bye, Bye Nate… :(

We found out a few weeks ago that Marielle has some pretty…um…annoying allergies. She is allergic to tree nuts (mainly pecans and walnuts) and dogs. It was pretty hard to hear and I was really upset that we will have to worry about these allergies for at least several years. She may grow out of them, but that is not for sure and we don’t know how long that could take. For the nut allergy, we have to carry around Epi-pens and really watch what she eats. It is a scary allergy and I really hope we never have to use the Epi-pens. But for now, I’ve got one in my purse and will be watching her like a hawk!

The dog allergy is not severe like the  nut one, but still, enough for my parents to re-think their dog. So, they decided they had to do it. They gave away their dog, Nate.

Nate I hated for them to do it, but Marielle breaks out when she is around him. Dogs aggravate her eczema and she gets a couple of rashes. that she scratches. and that hurts when we put lotion on them. So they did what they thought was best for their oldest grandchild. It was sad, but he went to a friend of mine’s parents. It was a family we knew and a place we know that he will be very happy.

Also, we took some pictures with my friend Jennifer the other day. The pictures are not online yet, but I stole a few that she posted on Facebook.

Aliza propped up Marielle


That last one makes my heart skip a beat. I am sooooo excited about my girls and the special relationship they will have as sisters. It is truly something I treasure in my life, and I can’t wait to see their relationship develop.

And we had to go take some pictures of Marielle with Nate before he left us. Most of them were good fun pictures, but this one was just hilarious!! She was feeding him Cheerios and she was eating Nilla wafers – well, he went for Marielle’s treat instead of his!!

Meg and Nate Marielle didn’t like that too much!!

As soon as the all the pictures are posted, I will send out the password and website…



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