This is how we stroll....

Or at least how Marielle strolls.

I love to go strolling. The weather is getting to be so nice, and it is great to just get outside and stroll around. Well, it's nice some of the time. It seems that Aliza doesn't care for the stroller that much. What? How am I going to be home all summer with 2 kids and not be able to go strolling? Marielle has loved going outside and the stroller since day one of her life. If she cried, we could go outside and she would immediately stop. It was always like a drug to her, a miracle drug that made her happy. I guess I took that for granted and thought all kids were like that. I have learned that Aliza is A LOT different from Marielle. And this is just one of the differences. So lately, when we go outside, i have to wear Aliza in the Baby Bjorn and Marielle gets the stoller to herself. But that makes me walk around with about 14 extra pounds!! And push the stroller, unless Marielle decides she wants to push.
Then the walk takes us 3 times as long. And I still have Aliza in the little sack thing (that's what I call the baby bjorn) just hanging out. It's not so bad, Aliza likes it and Marielle is so funny with the stoller. She stops and points at everything, naming birds, dogs, trucks, flowers, and other new things she learns daily. And I mean daily - she really spits out new words everyday. Lately she has been connecting more and more words together at a time.

We are having so much fun watching her learn new things all the time. Some of my funnest times with Marielle is in the car. She tells me everytime she sees a bus, and when it goes away, she says, "bye, bye, bus"!! Now she says where everyone is, like my mom, dad, sister and Jon. She says "daddy at work", it's so funny because she will go through each person telling me they are at work...and she sings along with our kids music. All the animal sounds and clapping. It's great!!

I hope to update soon again!!



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