We have been having it really good lately. Both girls are SLEEPING – AT NIGHT – ALL NIGHT LONG!! Maybe I have talked about it too much or something, but for the past 2 nights, Aliza wakes up at about 3:30 and just talks to herself. “Blah, blah, blah” and “oooh, oooh, oooh”. She’s not crying, so we just let her lay in there and talk. While I listen. Because I can’t sleep if one of my babies is awake. I know that it is all over if I go in there and look at her or pick her up. NO PICKING UP BABIES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT is what I have learned. Unless you want to keep getting up in the middle of the night. And no thanks on that. I love sleep and need sleep!

But honestly, baby talking in the middle of the night (or anytime)? It is music to my ears. You don’t know about these feelings you get until you’re a mom or a dad. The cooing coming from your baby is indescribably wonderful. It’s like a warm blanket just out of the dryer. It envelopes you and makes your body warm. It can take your breath away. It makes all the hard, long days worth it.

*Update* I wrote this post last week and never finished it. For the last 3 nights, Aliza has been sleeping all through the night again! Thank goodness! But Marielle seemed to have a reason to be up at least once on each of those nights – my new saying is “if it’s not one, it’s the other”. It never fails, one sleeps, the other one is up…


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