Crashed Hard Drive

I almost had a heart attack last week. Jon came in the kitchen and said the computer was making funny noises, so he turned it off. When I went to turn it on, there was nothing there and it was still making funny noises. I immediately took it to Computer Heaven, where we bought it. They are great there. Anyway, they said our hard drive crashed and there was nothing left. My heart started beating fast and I started to breathe heavily. I prayed really hard that all the pictures I take were safe on the external hard drive we bought and just recently hooked up. I took the hard drive to Computer Heaven too, and the verified that yes, all the pictures and documents are safe. PHEW!! I was so scared, and thankful that I finally listened to Jon and hooked up that external hard drive. It automatically backs up every Sunday night, so thankfully, I didn't loose any pictures. or anything else, but all I really care about are the pictures of my babies. Jon would have had a hard time with me if they would have been lost! I love taking pictures and would have been seriously distrought. It is going to take 3 to 4 weeks for repairs, so we are computerless at home right now. Well, Jon has a work laptop, but I can't download pics there, so I am limited with my pics for now. I have a few from my iPhone.

We had our first swim Friday!! The girls did great!

Marielle LOVES to get in the bed with Aliza when she wakes up from her nap. They are funny in there together.

Teething Biscuits!! Messiest thing for babies...

We had to go straight to the bathtub after this!

And then she played with the tag on this toy for 10 minutes. She was concentrating so hard. It was so cute!

I hope to get our computer back soon and post more pics!!


  1. Wow thank God for sure you would have had a heart attack.Because losing files after a hard drive crashes is so frustrating.I once lost my files and i felt as if the whole world was swallowing me up.Well from there i opted for online backups as my alternative.And i use liked it after trying out the 3GB trial and with the prices,they are afforable so with there,i know my files are safe.

  2. Painful! sorry for the hard experience of ur PC. WOW! these are great pics, so adorable. Couldn't afford to lose them if I owned them neither. Same prob happened to me last year and tried all alternative ways to recover my stuff but all in vain.

    Tell you what! I switched to backing up sensitive data, photos and music online at Every where I go I access my data. Also share files with my friends. Am glad. Good luck for u.


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