Happy Mother’s Day

It was a really great mothers day for me, starting Saturday night when Jon took Marielle to the store. Aliza went down for a nap, so I had a few minutes by myself and laid down in bed. I heard Jon drive up, then I heard Marielle come in saying, “Mommy fwowers, Mommy Fwowers” over and over. I sat up and she came in our room holding a bunch of pink roses. It was truly adorable.


Then before bed, Jon gave me a beautiful card he signed as Marielle and Aliza, and of course a card from him. Also in the card was this:

mothers day 070I totally love it!! I have been wanting something with my girls names on it, and I found this on a website called The Vintage Pearl. Yes, I did order it myself, but only because I was running out of time telling Jon which one I wanted and I had to order if I wanted to get it for Mothers Day. He did ask about it and wanted to order it, but since I was undecided, I just did it myself. But I did not open it when it came in the mail. So I was surprised to see it Saturday night. I got to wear it Sunday and can’t wait to wear it all the time!

Sunday, we went to Lafayette, to Jon’s sisters house for Mothers day. Marielle had on the prettiest little dress on:

mothers day 005 mothers day 010 She pooped on it and had to take it off, but at least everyone got to see it! She was a little ham running around playing with everyone all day. She had a great time! And so did I. The men in Jon’s family are great. They took care of all the food and let the Mom’s and girls eat first – and by ourselves! They waited until we had eaten to serve themselves.

 mothers day 050 The Moms

mothers day 053The Dads…And my girls. I didn’t even have to feed my kids! They did it!! It was so nice to not have to do all kid food fixing – it is such a hassle!!

We took a bunch of pictures in Dawn’s backyard of our family, but for some reason they all came out overexposed. I am so upset! I think they would have been really cute. Here are what they looked like….

  mothers day 021 mothers day 022 mothers day 026

They even took a few with just me and my girls. I wish they would have come out better. These are priceless memories, and I feel jipped!!

mothers day 030mothers day 033

We also went to my sisters to celebrate with my mom and grandma. Of course, I was too busy visiting to take any pictures there :( But it was a good time too. Burgers and fries – my favorite!! Allison and I are having a girls night for my mom and taking her to Corks and Canvas, for some girl time! I’ll post pictures then too!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mom friends – and soon to be mom’s!! It is the greatest job in the world to be a mom…I have a favorite quote that says,

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." Elizabeth Stone

Look at my little hearts….Love them so much!!

may 113 may 016


  1. The girls get cuter and cuter everyday! Can't wait for little Aliza to have a playmate her age. :)


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