Oh my Gosh...

Marielle literally said that to me the other day. She goes "oh my gosh, rocks!" when I was taking off her shoes. She always has rocks in her shoes from the playground at daycare. I try to take her shoes off as soon as we get home to get them out so she isn't walking on them. After we did that, we walked in the hallway and she say some dust on the ground. Ok, maybe a large dust bunny, but hey, whose house is perfect? Anyway, she saw the dust and said "oh my gosh, dirty!" Then I said "oh my gosh, i can't believe you just said that" and realized where she picked it up.
Other new things Marielle has said lately - "Mommy...come play with me...on the floor", "Play with chalk" "I want to play up there" up there being on top of the blanket on the fort we built on the living room. Needless to say, we did not let her play "up there".
She is talking so much and it was just this week she started with complete sentences and she's not quite 2 yet!! That's a smart little girl right there!!
We should get our computer back tomorrow and I'll have some pics to narrate some of my stories!


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