I hate to brag…

(kind of), but I have to brag on Marielle. I cannot believe this just happened, but I swear it’s true. She ate lunch, and afterwards she was requesting “too-kies”, which means cookies, of course. I usually tell her how many she can have, and count them out as I put them in front of her. Today, I said “ok Marielle, you can have 3 cookies. 1…2…3".” and I am not lying when I tell you this, she said, “4…………5” NO LIE!!! What??? She’s not even 2 yet!! I have had so much trouble getting her to count at all, she won’t hardly repeat “1, 2, 3”. I had no idea she even knew what came after 3!!!

And then I quickly realized just why I quit work to stay home. Because even though Aliza’s first tooth popped out yesterday (yay!) and I am having trouble keeping her happy (because all she wants to do all day is crawl on top of me - 6-4 at home 0306-4 at home 031 ), I got to hear Marielle say “4, 5” (unprompted!).


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