Ladybug Girl…

lady bug girl 003

Marielle’s favorite book. If I mention a nap or nite-nite, she starts saying “Ladybug girl, Ladybug girl…” I have to tell her that we’ll read when we go to bed. She’ll fuss if I don’t read it right then. I think she would go to bed at anytime, as long as we read this book. It’s a cute book

lady bug girl 009 about a little girl that dresses up like a lady bug and is bored all day, and her brother won’t let her play baseball with him. Then she goes outside and explores and finds all kinds of things to do. At one point, she lays down in the yard, looks up and thinks about all the fun things she did that day. The picture shows her upside down:

lady bug girl 012 As soon as we turn to this page, Marielle grabs the book and tries to turn it upside down because she thinks Ladybug girl is facing the wrong way. I have to tear it out of her hands and tell her that it’s supposed to be like that. I’m not so sure she understands that yet…

She is too funny – talking in complete sentences these days and asking me to do all kinds of stuff with her. Mostly coloring and sidewalk chalk. I have run out of things to color and draw on the driveway!! I wish I had a picture of our carport and driveway right now – a house, a bird, a train, a circle, square and triangle (and she knows which is which!), a big flower, clouds, her name, my name, honey’s name, Pa-Poo’s name…I am out – send some ideas my way!! ha-ha!!


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