Marielle’s 2nd birthday party…

We had the party a little early because some of our family would be out of town on her birthday weekend, so it was last weekend. I still have a few weeks until my big girl really turns 2!

I started the day with a little apprehension because when I was planning the party, I had not yet quit work and didn’t have a consistent nap schedule. Now that I am home, Marielle naps from 1 to 3 everyday. What time did I schedule the party? You guessed it, 1 to 3. I was really scared a melt down was bound to happen, but we got really lucky and she did great! We even went next door for another birthday party – Marielle’s best friend, Paige, who turned 3.

Anyway, the party was a hit! Almost everyone that was invited came and even 2 of her friends from daycare made it! I was so excited for Marielle to see Eloise and Emily – the only other girls that were in her class. Marielle’s cousins came and several other of my friends who have young kids. We had about 13 or 14 kids all together and at least 30 adults. Even though we had a good turn out, we have tons of food left over. It was burgers and hot dogs and we’ll be eating burgers for a long time! I even froze some buns because we had so many left…

I don’t think I got any really good pics from when the pool was packed and everyone was there. Aliza is still very attached to me and it was hard for me to get away without her crying, just to take some pics…(she got her second tooth on Sunday, maybe that’s why??)

Here is how the day went…

Marielle's 2nd bday party 012 Marielle's 2nd bday party 004Marielle's 2nd bday party 021 Of course I had Ally working. I asked her to come early and help me set up. She’s awesome like that!

Marielle's 2nd bday party 016Marielle’s cake.Marielle's 2nd bday party 006  Marielle's 2nd bday party 008 Lots of chips and burger buns…

Marielle's 2nd bday party 023 Uncle Jared being silly, as usual! She still had her shoes on and had just walked in to her own party…My mom and dad, who are awesome too, watched both the girls that morning so we could get the house ready in some sort of peace. It might have never came together if I had to hold Aliza all morning!

Marielle's 2nd bday party 026 That’s Kingston, Marielle’s cousin who is just 6 weeks younger than her. All those floaties that she is wearing are his – she sort of stole them for the whole party. I felt bad, but Kingston got over it.

Marielle's 2nd bday party 033

“hey Nanny!”

Marielle's 2nd bday party 042AA Getting sun blocked up…

Marielle's 2nd bday party 058 Uncle Jed and the girls

Marielle's 2nd bday party 064AA Look! It’s the hosts! I’m so glad Deidre offered to take some pics. I am never in pictures anymore…

Marielle's 2nd bday party 066AA This is early on, not a lot of people yet…

Marielle's 2nd bday party 073 Hanging in the fountain (aka, the kids pool)

Marielle's 2nd bday party 081 Jaci really wanted to hold Aliza, and she did a good job even though we were in the pool. I was hesitant, but she was persistent and I finally gave in…

Marielle's 2nd bday party 115 Cake!! I think she really loved being sung “Happy Birthday to you”. And she loved the cake – she dug right in!

Marielle's 2nd bday party 122 Marielle's 2nd bday party 121 I wish Marielle looked a little happier for our only family pics!! Check out those eyebrows! They are so expressive!

Marielle's 2nd bday party 128

Aliza feeding Marielle cake!

Marielle's 2nd bday party 136  Marielle's 2nd bday party 135


Marielle's 2nd bday party 139 Awe, Marielle and Emily hugging!! So cute!

Marielle's 2nd bday party 168 One of Marielle’s gifts. A Snow White costume dress. I’d like to say she liked it, but…

Marielle's 2nd bday party 157 Marielle's 2nd bday party 154 I can’t. It didn’t stay on for long. Maybe we’ll watch Snow White and then she’ll love it…Hopefully!!


  1. Cute! What a fun day!! Love the snow white expressions!!

  2. Awesome party! Marielle's is having fun with family. Got a DIY invitation from my friend for our graduation party at one of the Los Angeles venues located at the outskirts of city. It's a continental dinner with champagne and desserts. Also some surprising entertaining installations are there. One of our brilliant friends is taking all the pains of arrangements.


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