The 16th Annual Elvis Party

Every year, some of Jon’s friends have an annual Elvis party. It is complete with an Elvis impersonator and even an elementary school aged Elvis and Beatles singing opening band. It really draws a big crowd, the kids are invited and most contribute with a dip or side dish or dessert. They always have something for kids to do, like a bounce house and there was a batting cage there this time. It is in the backyard of the hosts and now they have expanded it to their neighbors backyard too, and they just throw a party the same day and everyone gets to enjoy Elvis at about 7 pm.

It’s a fun little outing and great that the kids are invited. But – agh. It’s so hard to enjoy ourselves when we are each chasing a kid around. Marielle is not really scared to wander off, and Aliza crawls to whatever she sees that will fit in her mouth. We have to switch off watching the kids and eating. It’s hard, but if we didn’t go, we’d just have been sitting at home by ourselves; so, why not get all sweaty and chase our kids around, while trying to visit with our friends that we hardly ever see?

Anyway, here’s the lowdown on the party…It starts at 4, but you can go whenever you want. We got there about 6:15 this time. We set up our blanket and cooler, and wait for the kids to GET DIRTY!

g elvis party 019 g elvis party 002 g elvis party 009 g elvis party 017

That’s cantaloupe on Marielle’s dress. I gave it to her and she SQUEEZED it into her mouth, and it just went all down her dress. And yes, her hair is wet from sweat…

And this is Marielle just running away by herself. Not looking back for us…

 g elvis party 030 g elvis party 035And then she’s in the batting cage with some little girl that we don’t know, swinging these ropes around.

Here are pics of the opening band from last year. I didn’t take one this year. They are the Lambert Brothers from Abita Springs.

parties 8-15-09 052 parties 8-15-09 051

And here’s Elvis. He is chauffeured to the backyard in this Mustang to get dropped off, and then he walks through the crowd to the stage.

g elvis party 043g elvis party 040  g elvis party 039 g elvis party 057  g elvis party 056 g elvis party 048

And here’s the adoring crowd…
g elvis party 051 g elvis party 054 g elvis party 049 g elvis party 050

And then we came home and bathed the kids outside in the pool. I wish I had pics of that!! We brought the soap outside and lathered them up, dried them off and put them in bed. It was really pretty efficient!!


  1. I really want to go to this party!!! That looks so fun.


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