Fun with Aunt Did-er-rah

One of Jon’s sisters names is Deidre, pronounced Did-dra. Marielle has yet to say it correctly and says Aunt Did-er-rah every time. She also says “ze-ba-rah”, so it might be something with the “dre” and “bra” that she has trouble with. Either way, she loves Aunt Deidre and I have never seen an adult be so good with kids. She always wants to help us and she will usually offer to take my camera so I can actually be in some pictures. She is wonderful and when sometimes I feel a little bored with the kids, I think, “what does Deidre do with these kids?” I usually re-enact some game she played with them, and it always makes them happy.

I dug through all my pics and found examples of just what Aunt Did-er-rah will do for kids…

home 218 home 219

home 220 home 222

She will play the above “game” of going up and down, up and down, up and down, until the kids get tired – not her!! She’ll keep on and on until they ask to stop.

deidres 046 100_7845 I know she’s not crying in these pictures, but she held Aliza every time she came over to our house – even when she was SCREAMING for those 4 months. She never complained and always tried to give me a break.

100_7925 100_7924 She always brags to her dad when she is getting to hang out with the girls when he isn’t.

DSC_0197 DSC_0189 DSC_0191

 DSC_0192 DSC_0196 Here I think she was getting Marielle to pretend to cut up tomatoes and onions to make a soup. She was chopping them, putting them in the bucket and stirring them around. Marielle LOVED it. She will still do that when we get in the fountain to play!

d jaci's bday party 086 d jaci's bday party 087 Tea party, coffee party, making sandwiches, not sure what this was, but she had Marielle and a few others, full attention.

girls 002 She loves to take Marielle to feed the ducks in the pond across the street from her house.

f 141 f 155 f 157 Aliza’s first popsicle!

lsu - florida tailgating 008 meg tailgating 003  She and Chris took Marielle tailgating just after I had Aliza to give us a little break.

j 123j 124  ??????????

j 158j 156

j 147 j 148

j 142 j 143   

I’m not sure what this one is called, but the girls had a blast. This one, I had to re-enact the next day!

This woman will crawl all over the floor, let the kids crawl on her, play peek-a-boo, play hide and seek, be silly, silly, silly, to no end for these kids. And she loves it.

And she’s Aliza’s godmother – and great at it!! Thanks for everything Aunt/Nanny Deidre! We love you!

aliza birth and 2 days 171

girls 044  girls 039

 j 138


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