OMG – She put on a sticker!!

Really, if you don’t know us, you don’t know what this means. I have the only toddler in the universe that is scared of stickers. Until tonight. My sister came over and, with no ulterior motive, started coloring with Marielle. In one of the coloring books are stickers. Marielle has looked at the stickers, touched them, but will not let anyone put one on her. She has been so very scared of having them touch her. One of her worst experiences was having a band-aid on her knees. It was HILARIOUS when she would not move her legs, wouldn’t walk, and wouldn’t move in her bed with them on. I know, it’s bad that I laugh at my child’s fear, but seriously, I wish I had a video of how she acted the 2 times she has put on band-aids. No joke, HILARIOUS.

Anyway, somehow Nanny Ally managed to get Marielle to put the stickers on herself – without a tear!!

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She put them on and took them off! Nanny Ally – what a great influence!!


  1. So fun! Nanny's legend, she got me to put on stickers! LOL!


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