Preschool is starting

Most people are excited and sad that their little ones are starting a bit of school. Me? I’m totally freaked out. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for Marielle to meet new friends and learn a few things there, but this allergy is what I’m so worried about. I am met with the director of the preschool and this is what I brought her to post all over the school.

Marielle's allergy 001

I had to scan it in, so it is a little light. Other parents don’t have to do this. I also brought the director a video on how to use an epi-pen to show the whole staff. I don’t want to be THAT mom that is so annoying to other parents and the staff, but really, this is a serious allergy. Allergic reactions of this kind get progressively worse with each exposure. After this last reaction, I’m scared that next time she will start to have trouble breathing and go into anaphylactic shock.

It’s not fun to have to deal with this. I still can’t believe that I do have to deal with it. But I do and I have to be very careful about where Marielle goes, who she is with, if they know about her allergy and what to do if she has a reaction. I pray that she grows out of this. I just keep thinking about when she gets a little older and I’ll be so scared for her to go to birthday parties and holiday celebrations. I’ll never be able to drop her off and pick her up. I’ll have to stay, check out the food and make sure Marielle stays away if there are cookies with nuts or something. Ugh – not fun…

But, on a lighter note – I’ll have a little free time Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9 to 1. Not really free, just free-er. I’ll still have Aliza home with me, but one kid is like nothing when you’ve had 2 around!! Errands will be so much easier to get done and faster. And I’ll get some one on one time with my baby. She’s growing longer and longer everyday. I just got a new car seat because she can hardly fit into the infant one. She’s gonna be tall just like her daddy!!


  1. Hey Kasey,
    It was great getting to talk with you on Saturday. I am so sorry to hear that Marielle has allergies, I hope she does grow out of it. My sister developed allergies in her 20s and goes into anaphylatic shock and we worry about her a lot. So, I can imagine how much you worry with Marielle being so little.
    Great blog hope to keep checking in....when I have free time =)...darn full time job.
    -Stephanie (Chris Jauberts girlfriend) =)

  2. Wow~ You never realize how hard it is! It was Lily's turn to bring a class snack a few weeks ago and I bought banana nut muffins without thinking. Right before we left for school I realized there might be a child with nut allergies, so I sent animal crackers instead! Lucky for me, I have tons of junk in the pantry!


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