Yo Gabba Yo Yo Gabba


There they are. The whole Yo Gabba Gabba cast. I can’t seem to get away from this soundtrack. It is everywhere. I hear it in my sleep. In the shower. Even during my workout. But I must confess, some of the songs on it aren’t that bad. Jon and I have been in the car and at the same time said, “I like this song” and it’s on the Yo Gabba soundtrack. There are some famous artists that have written and performed for the show. I’ve said before, Marielle requests it every time we get in the car, but sometimes I refuse. I know – terrible right? Sometimes she’ll whine and cry about it, but really, I can’t ALWAYS give in, can I? If I could just get her to listen to some of the words of the songs, she’d totally understand. Most of the songs are really good and try to teach real life lessons. The lyrics to one of my favorites are: “You can’t always get what you want, it won’t help if you keep on asking.” Really – they actually sing that!! When I refuse to put it on, and she keeps screaming “yo gabba gabba in the car” I want to yell these lyrics to the backseat and learn her a lesson!! But it doesn’t work like that and I have to stick to my ground because I have to be consistent. I think. I hope that’s what works, because that’s what I do!!

She’s getting good though and starting to sing along with some of the lyrics. Maybe it will work and me having to hear these songs all day will pay off and she’ll learn something…

There is another song about getting the “sillies” out. “You gotta Jump, Shake, and Shimmy them out!” It’s one of the not so great ones, but we do dance to it. She’s got shimmy-ing down. My sister came over to play and we were showing her how to shimmy. Marielle looks at my sister and says, “Stand up and shimmy with me, Nanny.” What?? Was that an order? All we could do was laugh and shimmy with her!!


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