You do what you gotta do….

As a stay at home mom, that is. Since it is so hot outside, I have to think of stuff for us to do on a daily basis, outside of the house, but not outside in the heat. It’s really hard to not just stay at home all day everyday, but stay inside. I cannot wait for it to cool off. I have tried a couple different things around town that are inside and suitable for both a toddler and a baby, but trust me, there is not much out there.

1. The Mall of Louisiana, the play area outside of Dillard’s

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They even made some friends!! And here’s a video of how much Marielle loved the slide….

The play area at the Mall from kasey gary on Vimeo.

The verdict – kids LOVE it. And it’s free. I went twice last week and today.

2. - Discovery Depot, Downtown in the Louisiana Arts and Sciences Museum

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The Verdict: The kids liked it, and it was really nice, but it was really far away, parking and walking sucked, and I had to pay $7 to get in. The kids were free (2 and under), but I had to pay for myself. We lasted about 45 minutes. It was good enough, but I don’t think we’ll be going back. Unless we go with others or are in the area for some reason. I can’t spend $7 a day on my kids playing with other peoples toys!!

3. Barnes and Noble

No pics from there, but it was ok to take up some time. We can go back there. There is a train table and we can look at all the books. It was good for Marielle, but Aliza wasn’t so easily entertained. She didn’t want to stay in the stroller, and if I took her out, she would destroy books. Um, no thanks.

And that’s about it so far. If you have any other suggestions – send them my way!! Other than that, I’ve been shopping at Target and the grocery store. It’s really hard to keep kids inside and entertained. They need and want to run around and it is just too hot to do it outside, during the day. Come on cooler weather!! We need you!!


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