Day 1 and 2 of Preschool

Day 1 drop off for Marielle was great, mostly. She didn’t cry, but probably because she didn’t really understand what was going on. She goes to Most Blessed Sacrament Preschool and when you drive up, they come and take the kids out of the car and bring them to the classroom. So mom’s and dad’s don’t park, get out, go in, talk to the teacher, yada, yada, yada. I know I will love the way they do this soon since I won’t have to even get dressed to bring Marielle to school (!), but it was really hard on the first day. I was fine that morning and I didn’t think I would get upset at all. She has been in daycare everyday for almost 2 years, so I know the drill, I didn’t think it would be hard. And I was fine until we were about halfway there and I decided that I needed to prepare Marielle for these strangers coming take her out of the car. I started, “Ok Marielle, when we get to your new school, Mrs. Tara is going to come get you and you are going to” – my quivering voice starts right here - “go in all by yourself.” I couldn’t help it. I cried right in front of her. I kept on telling her about Mrs. Tara and all her new friends that she is going to have, but I was still so sad thinking of her being taken out of my car and her not knowing what was going on and who these people were that were taking her away from me. She did good. She didn’t cry and she waved bye to me, but she looked,um, apprehensive? Not sure if that is the right word for a 2 year old, but she looked a little like she had her own quivering lip. When we picked her up (yes, her daddy came and met me so he could be there to pick her up – isn’t he great?!) her teacher brought her to the car and told us she did great. She said she cried, but only because the other kids were crying. And she said it only lasted a few minutes and she had a good day. I was so excited, but I could tell she was amped up. She was hyper and all over the place. I tried to wait a little while to take a nap, but she was not having it. It wound up being a really rough afternoon. She never napped and had the worst tantrum EVER!! It really tested my patience, but I made it through. Tantrums are tricky, and I hate them. And I’ve heard age 3 is worse than 2. GREAT. Can’t wait for that. Here are pics from day 1.

b beginning of sept 207 b beginning of sept 210 Her nametag, carpool thing, and her bags.

b beginning of sept 211 b beginning of sept 213 Isn’t this dress the cutest?? Thanks Jessie!!

b beginning of sept 216 - Copy b beginning of sept 219 Gotta label her front and back!

b beginning of sept 228 b beginning of sept 229 b beginning of sept 237Um, is her bag too big??

b beginning of sept 233  New shoes for the big day (she came home with about 300 rocks in them).

b beginning of sept 249 In the car

b beginning of sept 252 A sweet note for the mom’s from the teachers – who knew we’d need them!!

So, Thursday was her second day at school. I left a little earlier so we wouldn’t be so far back in the carpool line. I think that was a mistake. It just gave us more time to sit in the car and for her to tell me that she wanted to go home. I guess she knew what was going on and didn’t want to do it. It was really sad and she cried A LOT when they got her out of the car. I didn’t cry in front of her this time, I cried after we left. Just a little bit. I knew she would be fine, and I called a little while later to check on her. They said she stopped crying as soon as she got to her classroom. Whew!! The afternoon was better too. She was very hyper when we got home and we had to wait an hour before putting her to nap because I really wanted to avoid the meltdown she had Tuesday. and we did. She napped with not a problem. Here are pics from day 2.

2010-09 040

2010-09 044 “No, don’t take a picture of me!!”

2010-09 047

Peek a boo with each other after school:

2010-09 064 2010-09 050 2010-09 054  2010-09 056 2010-09 058 2010-09 061

Pray for a good second week!!


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