My mom gave me a book, “The Toddler’s Busy Book”, and I have been reading and trying all kinds of activities to entertain my girls. Most of the games use things you have around the house and are easy to put together. The only problem is that Aliza isn’t ready for any of these “games” and eats everything. I have tried 2 similar matching games and we have to make sure Aliza isn’t around or isn’t paying attention so Marielle can play.

b beginning of sept 013Match the colored squares to the rectangles.

b beginning of sept 001  b beginning of sept 003 b beginning of sept 004    b beginning of sept 008 b beginning of sept 009  b beginning of sept 011  

I just cut out the pieces of construction paper and covered them with contact paper. It was easy and she likes it. She knows her colors, so it doesn’t keep her occupied for long, but hey, 15 minutes is 15 minutes, right??!!

Wrapping paper scraps! I saw this one day when we got a big box in the mail and thought the cardboard would be perfect.

vandy gameday 001 vandy gameday 002 vandy gameday 006 vandy gameday 011 vandy gameday 012  vandy gameday 026

I looked in my wrapping paper box and surprisingly found lots of scraps that couldn’t possible be used to wrap any decent present. I cut 2 random pieces out of each different pattern, making sure that that one was small enough to fit into the other one. Contact papered those and taped them to the cardboard! New game for Marielle in about 20 minutes from all stuff around the house. It is also simple for Marielle like the color matching game, but she loves it – when she sees it she says, “I wanna play my new game!” Again, we have to keep out of reach of Aliza, who will put anything into her mouth, but still worth it.

Works for me!!


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