LSU gameday!!

vandy gameday 039

It’s something we look forward to every year and something my husband and Big Perm’s Tiger Tailgate take seriously. TAILGATING! For some reason, we love it and our weekends from September to December are already planned as soon as LSU’s football schedule is released every year. And since Jon’s brother Jeremi passed away 3 1/2 years ago, our tailgating crew has become an actual organized LLC. I’m so happy to be a part of this wonderful group of friends, dedicated to a great guy that we all lost too soon.

Jon and I met on LSU’s campus tailgating in 2003. It was a brief introduction, but one neither of us will ever forget – LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! We talk about it often and laugh about what we thought of each other that day. Thank goodness for Helen!! She was our mutual friend and made sure we saw each other again. The rest is, of course, history. Almost 7 years of tailgating with this guy

b beginning of sept 111 So cute!!

Since the first 2 LSU games this year are away, our tailgate crew got as many together as we could and “tailgated” at our houses.

LSU vs. North Carolina

b beginning of sept 035 b beginning of sept 074

b beginning of sept 057 b beginning of sept 060 b beginning of sept 062  b beginning of sept 067

b beginning of sept 036 b beginning of sept 203

b beginning of sept 083 b beginning of sept 201  Marielle LOVED Cam, she was loving on him and and playing with him all night!! I wish I would have taken more pictures that night, but I put my camera down and forgot about it. It’s hard to keep track of 2 kids at someone else’s house. That’s why we decided to host for the Vandy game.

LSU vs. Vanderbilt (our house)

  vandy gameday 042

vandy gameday 050So cute – a daddy with his girl, Jim and Kaitlin.

The crowd:

vandy gameday 052  vandy gameday 055 

vandy gameday 063 vandy gameday 064 

vandy gameday 065  vandy gameday 110

vandy gameday 093  vandy gameday 083 

The kids:

vandy gameday 068  vandy gameday 075 

vandy gameday 062 vandy gameday 053 

vandy gameday 077  vandy gameday 088 


vandy gameday 072vandy gameday 101 He hamming it up for the camera, and he wanted to see himself after every shot.

vandy gameday 103  vandy gameday 120

vandy gameday 111  vandy gameday 115 

 vandy gameday 125 Aliza’s injury – she pulled a toy off the toy shelf and it hit her just below the eye :(

vandy gameday 129 Awe – a daddy and his son, John and William…

vandy gameday 133 vandy gameday 135 vandy gameday 138

vandy gameday 140  vandy gameday 144 

 vandy gameday 149 vandy gameday 152 Marielle was all over the boys! She was wild towards the end of the night. I couldn’t believe she lasted so long, but she was pretty good and didn’t have a real breakdown. We were hoping since she was up late that maybe she would sleep later, but no such luck. She was up at 8:30, which isn’t real early, but we were hoping to be able to lay around a little longer on Sunday.

Now the real tailgates start – we can’t wait for next weekend to get on campus and have a real tailgate under the Oaks!


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