Thanks Michelle!!

When I decided to quit work in March, my co-workers were very excited for me.

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They each expressed that they wish they could have stayed home at some point in their lives and were happy for me since I was lucky enough to be able to do it. While I was so scared of what I was about to embark on, they knew it would be a great experience, and so far it has been. One thing my co-worker Michelle suggested to me, was to have my mom watch the girls sometimes while I go work with my dad. If you don’t already know, my mom and dad own their own company (Southeast Gate Operators) and they are the only 2 that work there. I told my mom about Michelle’s suggestion that day and she thought it was a wonderful idea, so did my dad, and me! Every other Thursday, I bring the girls to my mom and I go to work – with my dad. It’s great!! It is the perfect little break and I get really excited to go pick the girls up.

I don’t know anything that’s really going on there, but I can take a really good message and I can stamp envelops like no other!! My mom tries to leave me something to do, like file stuff, make files for her, or stamp envelops, fax invoices…blah, blah, blah – stuff she doesn’t want to do. But I’m glad to do it, because I can do it when I want and I don’t have to stop and give someone a sippy cup, pull a little girls hair out their face, stop a fight, put down for naps and all the other stuff that distracts me from completing tasks all day long at home. I get to clean out my purse, that’s something that I never have a chance to do since having kids!! It’s really fun, believe it or not!! I have already mentioned how much I love my daddy and he is fun to work with. But he is a busy man. He takes a lot of phone calls and everyone that comes in needs to talk to him. I really just enjoy my “me” time while he is working.

Thanks Michelle!

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