Gotta start somewhere, right?

Marielle’s first broken bone. Her left tibia. And her mommy broke it for her. Ugh – I can’t even say how bad I feel, but of course, it was truly an honest accident. And the story goes like this…

I took the girls to a BREC park on Drusilla Blvd. It is across the street from my sisters work, and I thought that if it was a nice park and the girls were happy enough, maybe we could do lunch there and invite my sister. I unloaded the girls and got them swinging, we were the only ones at the park. Marielle wanted to slide, so I let Aliza swing while I followed Marielle around the play land thing. I had my camera and was taking pics.

a 123 a 122 Aliza kept falling forward in the swing like this. It was too cute.

a 125 a 126Marielle on the small slide.

  a 129 a 133

And this was the last picture I took before “it” happened,

a 135 That’s how high up we were, about to go down the big slide.

IMG_1654 slide selected_edited-1 

I knew Marielle wouldn’t go down the slide by herself. I had the bright idea to put her on my lap and slide down. As we started down, her left leg fell to the side of my left leg. As we went down and hit that right curve, her leg was smashed by all my body weight on the left. She immediately started crying and I wasn’t sure what to do. I held her on a bench for a while and left Aliza swinging. I couldn’t do that for long because Aliza was getting restless and Marielle kept asking to go home. I had my purse, a diaper bag full, and 2 kids to carry all the way to the car. It was a rough walk. I had to put a crying Marielle down in the rocks while I put Aliza in her carseat. Marielle stopped crying and fell asleep in the car. When we got home, she wouldn’t get off of me and fell asleep on me again.

I already had a call into the doctor because both girls had runny noses. When the doctor called back, I mentioned the slide incident and my doc said that if she didn’t put any weight on it at all by the morning, call in and make an appointment. She also said that if it woke her up at night, to bring her in. Since she never put any weight on it and was up from about 1:30 until 4 am, we got in to see the doctor. He sent us to get an x-ray and the doctor saw it right away. It’s broken. I really didn’t think it was. I really thought all this was precautionary and we would just let it heal or something. They started talking about a cast and I was freaking out inside. I was lucky that my next door neighbor is the administrator at the Imaging Center and she was with us the whole time. My sister had also come over in the morning to help me. She was miraculously off this Thursday. She is never off on Thursdays and I am so lucky that she had this one off for some reason. She helped me with both the girls at the first and second doctors office and watched Aliza while I took Marielle to get the cast.

Getting the cast didn’t take long and she kept saying over and over, “I don’t want to get a cast.” It was so sad. I didn’t want her to get one either. I still can’t believe this happened. I’M SORRY I BROKE YOUR LEG MARIELLE – I LOVE YOU!!

IMG_1658 IMG_1659 Before pics – it’s not swollen or black and blue.

 IMG_1661   IMG_1667 She was in good spirits before they came in to cast her.

IMG_1669 She did not like it…

IMG_1668  IMG_1670

IMG_1671  IMG_1673

There it is – the very pink cast. She picked it out herself. I hope she likes it! She’ll have this over the knee cast that she can’t walk on for 3 weeks and then another shorter one below the knee for another 3 weeks. Having 2 kids that aren’t walking? – I’m about to have a long 6 weeks!!

 IMG_1675 IMG_1676 IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1679


  1. Oh my goodness! This is (dare I say) hilarious! Poor baby! But one day she will laugh about this- and so will you... My kids have only made it "break-free" by the skin of their knees. In fact, who knows? Maybe they've HAD broken bones that went undiagnosed!!! Jack does run with a bit if a swerve...


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