Talk about improvising

When I found out I was pregnant with Aliza, I knew I wanted a jogging stroller this time around. I didn’t have a single one for Marielle and I always wished I did. I soon found a used one on craiglist. Yes, I am a craiglist, ebay, and consignment shopper. Gently used is fine with me, if it saves me a little cash. I love the double jogging stroller we found for a little more than 1/2 the price of a new one. It broke soon after we got it (before Aliza was born) and I contacted the company and got a BRAND NEW one to replace the old one. Talk about a good deal!!

The only thing about it is the shading. It goes over the kids heads, but if we’re facing the sun, they still get blasted with sun in their eyes. I’ve tried a few things to “fix” this, but only one has truly worked. And I know I look like a total ass walking around the neighborhood like this, but I could care less. This is a small amount of embarrassment I’ll take for my kids. We get to get outside and walk and they don’t have to suffer with the sun in their cute little faces.

stroller 2 stroller

It’s one of those umbrellas that will attach to a lawn chair for the beach. We got them a while back and never used them. I saw one under the carport one day and thought, “hmmmm, I could use that…” I attached it to the side of the stroller, and it works!! Looks crazy, but works!

stroller 3 A peek under the umbrella – all shady and happy!! Marielle calls it the “shabe”. She says, “mommy, please put up the shabe.” They love it!  


  1. You have 2 of the prettiest little girls. They look similar but yet different. Congrats on staying at home with them. You will never regret it!


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