Sleep Troubles…and WALKING!

You would think I would be talking about Aliza having trouble sleeping, since she is at an age where she is getting lots of teeth, transitioning to fewer bottles and eating more people food. But not so. Marielle is the one giving us trouble. For the last week, she has been up numerous times during the night. Just crying for no reason. Jon or I will go in there and she won’t be able to tell us what is wrong, she’ll just ask to go into our room or ask us to lay on a pillow next to her bed, or tell us she wants to go in the den and sit in the “big chair”. I have felt bad about it, but I had to be really stern with her a few times. We tried crying it out, but it just didn’t stop – for like, an hour!! She just kept whining and whining. I refuse to “suggest” to her that she is scared, so I have just point blank ask her, “Marielle, what is wrong?” She really doesn’t say anything, but just sits there, looking at me. So I say, “if nothing is wrong, then you can go to bed. I am sleeping in my bed, daddy is sleeping, EVERYONE is sleeping. Unless you tell me something is wrong, then I can’t help you.” Now here comes the hard part, I say, “Now I am NOT coming back in here, and daddy is not coming back in here. Go to bed!” Then I leave. And it has actually worked! Except that it took a sleepless week for me to learn to say that at the beginning of the night, and not at 2 or 3 in the morning. So the last 2 nights have been better, she only woke up once and both times asked me to cover her with her blanket. Wish us luck this week!!

DSC_0111 Sleep little girl!!!

And Aliza is finally walking!! She took a few steps on Halloween, but I didn’t count it as “walking”. November 12, we decided she is a walker. When she started getting up from a squatting position, and taking steps. I must say – I LOVE it!! I know these two will be going two separate directions fast, but I cannot tell you how much easier it is on me to have 2 kids walking. I felt it in a week – relief!! Just going outside to play is easier. It’s like now that she is upright, she doesn’t try to pick up every little thing on the ground and eat it. That was driving me nuts. But she really just walks in circles – I think she loves walking as much as I do!!

DSC_0085 DSC_0088

DSC_0104 DSC_0089


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