Things I brought Marielle to do while she had a broken leg…

It was, of course, so sad that I had to go and break her leg, but even sadder than the actual leg breaking, was what Marielle would have to miss while she has a cast. First was our plans to go to the Pumpkin Patch in Hammond with our neighbors, Mrs. Laura and Paige. I had no idea that this pumpkin patch would have so many activities for the kids to do. Poor Marielle and Aliza sat in the stroller most of the time and watched. I got Marielle out when I could, but I really she stayed in the stroller looking on at the other kids doing fun stuff…

10-11-10 048

So sad, right? I was kind of upset with myself for bringing her out somewhere where she couldn’t participate in anything. But I guess we could have just been sitting at home. It was a hard day for me and Laura (who was a HUGE help by the way) having 2 out of 3 kids that couldn’t walk, but Paige had a fun time and I can rest assured that Marielle won’t remember it later in life! Here are a few more pics:

10-11-10 031 Laura drove all of us, so we had 3 girls across the backseat. They loved it!

10-11-10 033 Aliza did her share of sitting and watching too…

10-11-10 043 Paige had fun on the bouncy thing. But she would have had more fun if Marielle could have jumped with her…

10-11-10 069 Poor baby – just sitting on a bale of hay, watching the others…

10-11-10 076 And this one, wanting some attention!!

10-11-10 092 10-11-10 096 Paige doing the slide thing! I’ll leave out the picture of her falling on her face in the sand, although it was pretty funny!!

10-11-10 122 10-11-10 134 We tried for good group pics of the girls, but they are 1, 2 and 3. Not a good age for any of them to cooperate for the camera!

10-11-10 155 10-11-10 157

10-11-10 173 10-11-10 177 And pumpkin faces!!

During this month of October, I have learned one thing – I totally LOVE to hear Marielle say ‘pumpkin’. She requested we go outside and look at the neighbors pumpkins daily, so I got to hear it a lot. She has a cute little drawl and says, “I wanna draw on the punkin, moooooooommy.” or “Let’s go see the punkins, moooooommy.” So sweet…

Second activity that she had to half miss out on was the Zoo with her pre-school class. I got lucky and my mom offered to watch Aliza while I took Marielle to the zoo. It was such a relief to have just one child to look after. Thanks Mom!!

bday and more 005 That’s where she sat most of the day. She did well, and her teacher carried her some. Then she and Caroline took over another little boy (Dillon’s) wagon:

bday and more 037

These are just a few random shots from the day, I’ll spare you all the pictures of random animals that are really no fun to look at. The lady with the black hair is Marielle’s teacher, Mrs. Tara. She loves both her teachers, Mrs. Tara and Mrs. Andree, but unfortunately Mrs. Andree couldn’t make it to the zoo field trip :(

bday and more 022 bday and more 031

bday and more 035 bday and more 043

bday and more 050 We even got to see that giraffe pee. What an educational trip!!

bday and more 054 Mrs. Tara loves entertaining the kids. She is very animated and enthusiastic, perfect for a preschool teacher.

Zoo day was also Aliza’s birthday, so the day didn’t end at the zoo. We had a very small party at our house later that night. I’ll write another post for just Aliza’s birthday party.


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