Ho-Hum Christmas

Don’t get me wrong, this Christmas was great. It was lots of fun with the girls, Santa was a whole new thing to them and Marielle was really starting to get it. But I’m a little upset with myself because I didn’t document it like I wish I would have. I have pictures, but they aren’t great and I really need to work on it. I haven’t been taking as many pictures lately and documenting like I want to. I’m missing stuff!! So much is happening with the girls everyday, it takes a lot of work to take pics and record the cute things they do. I take a lot of pictures with my phone, but those are low quality. But I do take a lot of little videos on there – those are fun to watch most of the time!

Here are the pics I did get from Christmas 2010.

e christmas (5) The new kitchen from my mom for her house.

e christmas (18) A new table for the girls to sit at.

e christmas (20) They both love it!

e christmas (29) The loot at my mom’s.

e christmas (41)

e christmas (47)e christmas (49)e christmas (54)Aliza’s new raincoat – too cute!!

These next 2 pics are Marielle Santa gifts…

e christmas (66)e christmas (67)She got a few games, some panties (for potty training), a microwave, a desk, and that big house. The house was a really cheap cardboard thing I found that she can color on and play in, when she’s done with it, we can throw it. It’s been a hit already.

These are Aliza’s – I know, we didn’t get her hardly anything. But she doesn’t need anything. I got her one new gift and those 2 others that aren’t wrapped were gifts we already had. She doesn’t know she didn’t “get” anything, she’ll never remember!

e christmas (71)And we got both of them the little couch. It folds out to a little bed. Soon enough, they’ll be old enough to lay still and watch some TV…maybe…we’ll see about that…

Christmas Morning!!

They were so cute in their matching pj’s!

e christmas (77)e christmas (78)e christmas (86)e christmas (96)e christmas (107)

After checking out gifts at home, we got in the car and headed to Lafayette for the Gary Christmas. The Gary’s switch it up and every other year they celebrate on Christmas Day, and every other year it’s celebrated on New Years Day. They do it in birth order for the hosts, the oldest, Dawn, had it this year, so Deidre will host next year and so on. It was a really good time. Every single Gary was there – all of Jon’s brothers and sister, and all their kids (and one great grandchild). With 5 siblings and all their kids, its about 35 people. It was a packed house!

e christmas (119) I’m so upset that I didn’t get a good pic of my girls together in these santa outfits. They looked so cute and sassy!!

e christmas (136)Marielle doing the Jaci dance. Jaci has a dance all her own and Marielle can only try to duplicate it. It is hilarious!

e christmas (157)with names Jon’s parents and their kids

e christmas (160) Jon’s siblings and the spouse’s

e christmas group This is all of Mr, Jesse and Mrs. Dalta’s grandchildren and a few spouses!! Wow – that’s a lot of grandchildren!!

We went back to my parents house after we left Lafayette, but I missed all of my family that came. My mom hosts every year on Christmas Day so every other year, it conflicts with Jon’s family. But we’ll be there next year!

I vow to do a better job at photos next year and make sure to get a good one of my girls in their Christmas outfits.


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