Plain White Onesie

I have 2 little girls. We have TONS of hand-me down clothes and many, many clothes our families have bought for us. Most of them pink and pastels and girlie colors and lace and frilly collars and tu-tu’s etc. I’m kinda sorry to say it, but my favorite….has to be a plain white onesie. I don’t know why, but even Aliza, at 15 months, looks so cute in her plain white onesie!!

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Also, they are cheap enough that it doesn’t matter how dirty they get. Tuesday night, I gave her a fork and let her try and feed herself. She tried, and tried, and tried. She tried so hard, but only got a few bites in her mouth by herself.

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You may or may not know that Jon is left handed and I am right handed. So we are really interested in watching the kids and seeing what “hand” they are going to be. I know that hand dominance may not be truly known until kids are sometimes 5 years old, but I know that when I gave Aliza a fork to feed herself, she primarily used her left hand. Watch this video and you’ll see; she is using her left hand, switches to her right and you can tell she doesn’t seem to know what to do with it and puts the fork back in her left hand…hmmmm, we’ll see!!

Untitled from kasey gary on Vimeo.

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