Potty Training…

What I was thinking last Friday, I’ll never know. But I woke up and just put Marielle in panties and said we are potty training today. I had been thinking about doing it, but was scared to jump in to the potty training world. I knew it would be hard, but I was hopeful. I have heard some good, easy success stories from friends, and I took the hint that school was ready for her to be potty trained too. I thought Marielle would be able to get it pretty easily. And she did!!! The first 2 days. Then she started to realize that even though she got a “present”, she had to stop what she was doing and go to the potty. That’s the part she doesn’t like.

Let me start from the beginning. Friday, when I first put the panties on her, she thought it was fun. The first accident scared her and she burst into tears in a puddle of pee-pee on one of our leather chairs. I ran to the potty, cleaned her up and the chair and hoped she understood what was going on. She had about 3 more accidents that morning, in the playroom, her playhouse and the same leather chair. I only had 3 pair of panties and was having to wash them every time. Everything in my house was clean by noon. I had to call my sister and my mom to go buy me more panties and “presents”.

By 12:30 she had started saying, “the pee-pee, the pee-pee, it’s comin’”. I was thrilled!! Maybe she was getting it!! Maybe it wouldn’t be that hard!! She did great the rest of the day and Saturday started with one accident then she was back on the potty every time. If she did have an accident, she burst into tears and I knew exactly what happened. Except for poop, that has not happened on the potty yet.

Then Sunday evening she had 2 pretty big accidents. And she wasn’t as upset about it happening. I would ask her if she had to pee and she would say “No!!” in a really angry voice and I didn’t think she needed to and didn’t make her. Then in less than 5 minutes, she peed all over the floor. That happened twice. I got scared right then, because she wasn’t very upset about it. I thought, “Oh shit – she doesn’t care that she just peed all over herself – I’m gonna be potty training for a long time.” and it hasn’t gotten much better. Several accidents, and they happened about 5 minutes after I asked her if she needed to go. It’s my fault because I didn’t MAKE her go when I knew I should have. I just wanted to avoid the screaming and upset toddler.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to quit and put her back in diapers. I didn’t, but we have barely left the house in 5 days. I’m going stir crazy and I’m not sure when we’ll be able to go anywhere. Even when she’s “got it”, I won’t be able to leave with her for an extended time. And I’ll always have Aliza with us, so it will be really hard to bring Marielle to the potty quickly, with Aliza in tow.

Maybe this was a mistake. I should have waited, right? Why potty train anyway – its easier to just wipe their dirty asses!!


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