2011 pics–already….

I was just looking through my picture file and noticed that there are a lot of cute pictures from January and February that I have not posted. I gotta share some of them and what these little cuties are up to…

b (3)Aliza and Nonna watching Princess and the Frog

b (7)b (8)Jaret and Marielle yelling “boo” at Grandy while he’s sleeping. I think he was really sleeping the first time, he was playing along the second:

b (12)

b (19)b (21)Now, really. How cute are those matching jumpsuits?!

b (41)Aliza with bed head.

b (49)Marielle coloring INSIDE the lines. I was amazed because I didn’t tell her to. She said “mommy look! I colored the flowers” and I went and looked, and she did!!


b (55)“Trying” to help…

c (6)c (12)

Messy snack day:

c (14)c (16)c (15)Chocolate dipped pretzel sticksc (29)c (31)Feeding and kissing babies

c (41)She has such pretty hair even when it’s a complete mess! It’s getting long, and no, I don’t intend on cutting it any time soon…

c (72)c (90)Before school one morning.

c (95)c (96)They like to throw all the cushions off the couch and jump. I just go with it…

c (114)Hiding…

c (117)“Pee-Pie!!” All giggles!!

c (124)Daddy plays along.

c (125)c (139)

c (210)How she sleeps…

c (225)c (228)How she wakes…c (253)Visitors in the bed….

d (6)d (7)

d (13)Playing with stamps, but not really the stamps, just the stamp pad. I finally got her some finger paints today. Something tells me that’s what she really wanted for Christmas!

d (31)d (38)A laundry basket. The best thing ever!

d (83)Playing where they shouldn’t be…

Ahhh, as hard as it is sometimes, it really is pure joy getting to look at and raise these two everyday!!


  1. I love these! Your girls are adorable and your photography is just beautiful. Great inspiration!


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