My first workshop

Willette Designs is hosting a free photography workshop for the whole month of February called “The Joy of Love”. She sends out an email every day with a photography assignment for that day and a lesson about either your camera, or lighting, or positioning, etc. We are supposed to photograph our loved ones, it doesn’t have to be the same loved one everyday, and you can submit more than one. I’m excited to push my photography a little bit and learn something.

I’ll just sum up the week in assignments, showing y’all garynation readers my submissions.

Day One – What They Do

In this case, Aliza plays.

a (12) joy of love

Day Two – How They Look

You’re supposed to capture your loved one at the best/worst. Whatever pic “screams” this person. I know, they are all Aliza, but this is what I had. She doesn’t move around as much as Marielle and is easier to photograph. The last two are old, but I thought they fit the assignment.

a (25)a (29)

a (163)b (41)

Day Three – Then and Now

I skipped this day. All of my old pictures are on our desktop computer, and that’s in the shop right now. I had a really good idea for a pic with Marielle’s hair when she was little to how long it is now. Boo-hoo – I wish I could have entered!!

Day Four – What They Wear

I was stumped for a little while on this one. I could have put together some clothes and photographed them or lined up shoes or something. Then when we were eating breakfast, both girls had the same hair barrette in their hair. It was so cute. Since they always have their hair pulled back, I thought that a pic of their hair in barrette's would be perfect for this assignment.

d (60)

d (63)

I might not keep posting all of my entries, but I was excited about my new workshop and wanted to share!!


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