Valentine’s day picnic lunch

Sometimes Jon gets to come home for lunch. I love those days, he usually has some fun idea for lunch and the girls love to see him one more time during the day. Today was Valentine’s Day and Jon was able to come meet us for lunch. It was a beautiful day and he suggested we have a picnic outside by the pool. I made sandwiches and we made our way outside.

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Marielle “needed” the sunglasses since it was so bright outside. She left them on for about 20 seconds…

i (163)i (164)i (167)This set up didn’t last long. Not a good idea; these kids do not know how to eat like civilized people quite yet. Aliza sat on Jon’s lap for a little bit and Marielle sat on the ground.

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That is Marielle’s 2nd year to wear that Valentine’s Day outfit – and it’s from a consignment store. That was a good deal and we’ll still have time for Aliza to wear it – maybe twice!!

Valentine’s Day is a difficult holiday for me to get into. Before Jon, I never had a boyfriend on V-day and I hated it every year. I thought it was so stupid and I always found some single friends to hang out with and bash V-day. When I met Jon and was dating him, of course I liked Valentine’s Day a lot more. We never made too much of a big deal of it (except the first one, when he made lobster for me. I still have the “menu” he used when planning the meal for me, awe…), but it was nice to have a “valentine”. Now that we have kids, I don’t have a job and we don’t have lots of extra money, I’m back to hating the holiday. I don’t like pumping the kids up with candy and sugar and giving them stuffed animals that I have to find a place to store because they don’t play with them. I don’t like to waste the money on things we don’t need. So Jon and I did nothing for each other and I didn’t do anything for the kids, except dress them in pink hearts. Am I horrible? I kinda feel bad, but really, Marielle got tons of candy from school, our neighbors brought over little chocolate marshmallows, Deidre made them cookies and Mrs. Dalta brought them cupcakes and candies. So, I don’t feel too bad, they were taken care of…

Jon did request homemade pizza for dinner and I did that. Homemade crust and all!

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I had 4 toppings and cheese – sautéed spinach, sautéed mushrooms, Canadian bacon, and sautéed onions with a little bit of brown sugar. When Jon got home, I let him assemble them how he wanted. Happy Valentine’s Day Jon!!

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Yummy!! I think we’ll be doing this again. I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day, whether you “celebrated” it or not!!


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