So much Easter!

Easter face paint

There are Easter Egg Hunts all over town! I think Easter is bigger than Christmas around here. We have been to several hunts and have turned down several invites – I’m tired of candy!!! Nonetheless, they were each fun for the girls and they are learning more and more how this egg hunting thing works.

Here are pics from her Easter party at school. I didn’t get too many – Aliza was a total CRAB and we left a little early…

d (51)This was Marielle dancing before we left the house – she was EXCITED for her Easter party.

d (57) Listening to Mrs. Tara read – until she turned the book over to me and I read to the class!! It was my first time!! They were very good listeners and participators…

d (62)d (65) Craft time!

d (73)edited While she looked cute – she wouldn’t stop fussing!!

d (76)d (80)d (82) edited

Even though we left early, Marielle still had fun and got her fair share of loot!! We’re still eating it…

I tried to stage 2 hunts at home, to get them ready and understand what to do at an Easter Egg hunt. It didn’t work. I dropped all of our thousand eggs in the back yard, and pretty much had to pic them up myself. They picked up a few, but were not interested for long…

b (91)b (92)

b (96)b (108)b (115)b (123)b (128)

d (26)d (33)d (35)

Even though I wasn’t real happy with staged egg hunt results, I did get this picture. I edited it a little, had it printed and it’s already framed in the house.

b (157) to print mpix_edited-1 

The next pics are from downtown on Good Friday. Jon had to work, so since I had both the girls by myself, I totally leashed Aliza!! We got the backpack/leash thing as a gift and I never used it. I was worried being by myself and knowing there would be lots of other kids there, so I leashed her. And it wasn’t that bad. I hoped she wouldn’t hate it, and she didn’t. But I really don’t think she knew what was going on…

e (3)e (4)e (11) editede (12)e (15)e (29)e (25)e (36)e (40)

e (45)e (54)e (58)

There was also a hunt at my grandmothers retirement community, but I didn’t get many good pictures there. There were lots of people and lots of kids. Aliza got one egg and Marielle got a half of one. It was not well organized and the big kids got all the loot…

d (11)d (20)d (22)

And this is all before Easter!! That will be my next post…


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