Beach trip…and a surprise!

I took a short beach trip with my sister and one of our friends from grade school and high school. Funny how we all still live here and keep up with each other!! My friend, Kelly’s parents have a condo in Perdido Key, FL and she invited me and my kids and my sister for a short weekend getaway, with her and her kids. We left Friday about noon and got there at about 4:30 or so. As soon as we walked in, the kids ran to the balcony and were running back and forth and just being silly. I think they were excited, you think so?

E girls balcony

Kelly’s kids are Riley (2 1/2) and Bobby (5). Our kids had never met, but as soon as they got together, they were the best of friends. Riley was just a few months younger than Marielle, so it worked out perfect. And just look at sweet Riley…


so sweet.

It started raining and after they settled down, so we had snack time, then playtime, then bath time and bed time.

E beach trip (43) E beach trip (49)

E beach trip (77) E beach trip (84)

E beach trip (89) E beach trip (90)

All of those things went well, except bed time. We had trouble getting all the kids to bed and finally I had to sleep with Marielle, in a twin bed, with bed rails. I did not get much sleep. Mine were both up in the middle of the night a few times and that was a pretty uncomfortable sleeping situation.

Anyway, after coffee, we hit the beach!!

E beach trip (103) E beach trip (110)E beach trip (116) E beach trip (119)E beach trip (129) E beach trip (124) E beach trip (143) E beach trip (148)

I tried to console this little one, but she wasn’t very easily consoled. I had to sit with her in a chair for a long time, while my sister played with Marielle. She finally started playing in the sand, putting it on my leg and exfoliating it…

E beach trip (154) E beach trip (169)

Marielle on the other hand, was ready for the sand and the water. She loved every second of the beach…Thank goodness my great sister Ally was there to help out and play with her.

e meg beach collage

I gotta say – THANKS KELLY FOR THE BEACH TRIP!! We had a great time!!

E beach trip (196) E beach trip (200)

When we got home, there was a great surprise waiting for us!!

e swingset (8)e swingset (10)e swingset (17) A new homemade from blood, sweat and tears, swingset!! I have been wanting one for the girls for a while and I was so surprised to see it finished in the backyard when we drove up. We started playing immediately and they didn’t want to stop!!

Jon had his brother Jared, my dad, and his friend Adam come and work on this all day Saturday. Jon started planning this surprise for me last week and I couldn’t be happier!! Thanks Jon!! and thanks to his helpers – Jared, Dad, and Adam!! Y’all are the best!!


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