Mother’s day

Wow – it has taken me a while to post this! I hope you enjoy our mother’s day!

c mothers day (2) How sweet! This is what Marielle came home with the Thursday before Mother’s Day. My heart melted!!

I had told Jon before Mother’s Day that all I wanted was chocolate chip pancakes that I found on Whole Foods website, and an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins. I got what I wanted and had breakfast in bed with my girls! It was messy, but I just said I would wash the sheets and forget about it. I wanted my breakfast in bed, and if my girls wanted to join me, I wasn’t going to refuse! Please pay no attention to my “just woke up” face and hair. I’m just excited Jon took pics!!!

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I volunteered to host Mother’s Day for my family at our house. I like to get people together at my house and include everyone, so I extended the invite to Billy’s parents, that’s my sister’s in-laws. They are great and my sister loves them and since Ally and Billy had a destination wedding, my grand parents had never met them. I was surprised and excited when they accepted. I am excited for them to see our house and see our girls, and see where their soon-to-be grandbaby will be 4 days a week. If you didn’t already know, my sister is pregnant, due on Halloween, and I will be watching the baby starting in January. More on that later, but I was glad Billy’s parents were able to see where we lived and tell them they were welcome to come by anytime to love on their grandbaby.

So, back to Mother’s Day, while I failed at getting a picture of me, my sis and my mom, I got some of everyone mingling and getting to know each other…

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My girls looked so cute, but they are so active these days, it’s hard to get a good steady picture of them. These are their outfits for the day. Fun stuff!!

c mothers day (97)c mothers day (103)

During the day, Marielle got my dad to go to her room with her. Somehow, she got him to change her skirt and put on these leggings. With nothing on top. Um, I’m not really sure about my dad dressing my girls anymore. I’ll leave that to my mom…

c mothers day (134)

I did get an ice cream cake that I wanted, but it wasn’t the prettiest cake out there. Who wrote that on there?? Who cares – it tasted yummy!!!

c mothers day (142)

c mothers day (145)c mothers day (148)

These girls are my heart!! Right now, Marielle mostly a joy to be around. She’s fun, funny, and has a really great laugh. I get tons of complements on her beautiful hair and she is one strong little girl.  She speaks very clearly, and I am finding myself recording funny and smart things she says more and more. I am really proud of her for saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, ‘yes ma’am’, ‘no ma’am’, ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’. She does pick fights with her sister, she whines, and she refuses to cooperate sometimes, but all in all, she is an easy, loving sweetheart, that’s also almost 3 years old!

Aliza on the other hand, is still my more high maintenance child. While she is undeniably so, so, so cute, she is moody, a little difficult to figure out, and she’s kind of shy sometimes. Despite all that, she will flirt with strangers, laugh and giggle, and she can get anyone she looks at to smile, but don’t try and take her from her mama!! This girls is stuck to me like glue. I am rarely away from her and it is one of those things that I love/hate. She loves me so much and most of the time, if she’s upset, I can just pick her up and she’ll stop. It sounds easy, and it is. But then I have to hold her and it’s hard to put her down again. I love that she loves me so much, it is so comforting. But then again, there’s all that maintenance… She’s starting to talk a lot more and saying phrases. The cute thing about her phrases, is that she says “mama” after EVERYTHING!!! “I want juice, mama” “swing me, mama” “nite-nite, mama” “I hungry, mama” – you get the drift. She probably says “mama” 1,000 times a day. I love it!! Jon and I commented recently that we would like to hit the “freeze” button on her and have her the way she is right now, forever, high maintenance and all!!

And one last thing.  This is my grandpa and Jon

c mothers day (93) My grandpa “pop” LOVES Jon. I know it’s easy to love Jon, he’s a great guy! But really, my grandfather has told me several times how much he likes Jon and how happy he is that I found him. And on Mother’s day, just before my grandparents were leaving, my grandfather grabbed my arm. He looked at me and said, “he is a good one”, gesturing towards Jon. As always, I say, “oh I know, he’s great!” But Pop wasn’t finished. He looked at me real serious and said, “You make SURE you keep him!!” I had to giggle at his comment. I guess that’s his way of telling me to be on my best behavior!!! LOL!! It’s nice to know my family loves Jon just like I do!!


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