My Mother…

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I don’t say it enough or give her enough credit. I don’t take many pictures of her, I don’t tell her how much she is appreciated as often as I need to, and I really don’t know what I would do without her.

My mom is truly the best.

From the beginning of my life, my mom has made my sister and I her life. She undoubtedly did an amazing job of disciplining us, has always been incredibly loyal, and she ALWAYS made sure we knew she loved us – no matter what. She wanted so much for us, she really made us her very first priority. And we knew it. 

She stayed home with us when we were real little and at some point she went back to work. But it wasn’t your typical job. She worked in my grandpa’s family business, with my dad, uncle and grandpa. It was very flexible and when she worked, my sister and I went to work with her. I spent all my summers at Hurricane Fence Company. I learned how to answer phones, fill some orders for my dad, fill out bank deposit slips, wash everyone’s cars, and play. My mom toted us around with her everywhere she went really. As a stay at home mom of 2 girls, 16 months apart just like she was, I know now how hard that can be.

She has always been there, and stayed there, no matter how hard I was on her. I know I wasn’t the easiest teenager. I fought most of the rules my mom set, I wanted more freedom and I usually just wanted her to leave me alone. But she didn’t. It never mattered what I did, she stuck with me through good times, bad times, fun times and hard times.

And it has paid off. As a more mature adult, my mom is one of my best friends. And this “friends” relationship came easy to us because my mom has really fostered our relationship from day one. She taught us so much through example. She taught us how to communicate through her communication. She taught us respect by respecting us and my dad. She taught us honesty by being honest. She even taught us to know when to ask for help, by asking for help. I started seeing a social worker when I was in 4th grade because my mom knew she needed help, helping me through my crazy anxiety at such a young age. She continued in counseling herself, because it just helps. I think she learned a lot about herself and about how to communicate while in counseling. And it was all so important to her because she wanted so much to make her children the best they could be. I know because in our adult relationship she has told me many times how she just wanted the best for us. She wanted us to have confidence, she wanted us to be close to her, she wanted things for us that she felt she didn’t have. She made her best effort and did whatever she needed to, to give those things to us. She is truly selfless.

She and my dad’s relationship is a perfect example to set for kids to grow up around. My mom and dad are great friends and great communicators and have good morals and work ethics. Growing up around these 2 for parents showed me what to look for in a husband and has shown me how important it is to take my job as a parent seriously. I can honestly and truthfully say that I owe my happiness and fulfillment in my own life to my mom and dad. I am so happy in my life, I really could not want for more. I am so blessed I have my mom to thank for it.

And now at this point in my life, she is my rock!! I talk to her about all my parenting issues, how to handle tantrums, what to do about sleeping, and everything else. She doesn’t always know the answer, but I’m not always looking for an “answer”. Sometimes I just need to bounce things off her, or get something off my chest. She always listens and talks me through it. She always knows just what I need.

And, of course – how much is she in love with my kids?! My kids call her “Honey” and love her so much!! It is really fun to have my parents live so close. They get to see them a lot and my mom absolutely ADORES my girls. I see how much fun she has with them and it means the world to me. It feels amazing to have so much trust and confidence in her while having her watch my kids. I don’t worry about a thing when they are with her and I know my mom will spoil those babies just enough, but not too much. She still has all her disciplining skills!!

To sum it all up – my mom is totally awesome.

Mom, Thanks for everything you do and have done for me my entire life. I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you. I don’t know who I would be without you. Thanks for making me who I am. I love you,


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  1. You are truly blessed. You are following in her footsteps by being an awesome mom to your two.

  2. Tears tears tears!!! So great Kas! We are so blessed and you did a great job saying how!!


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