3 year old in the HOUSE!!

Last Saturday, June 25th, Marielle turned 3. She is such a fun little girl. She’s silly, quirky, and usually plays well with other kids. She’s inquisitive, curious, social (not too shy, after she warms up), she loves to watch tv and movies, she LOVES her sister, she wants to help, she loves to color…The list goes on. She melts my heart daily, and I’m super proud to be her mommy.

But with the age of 3, there comes lots of new things. Some things I’ve just heard about and some of these things I’m already seeing. Like the questions!! There are more and more questions everyday. More “why’s”, more “how’s”, more “why’s” again, and then more “where are you going mommy” and “what are you doing mommy”, every few minutes. I’m glad she’s curious, but geez – can I get a moment of SILENCE??!! Not anymore! LOL!

Then there are the “new” tantrums. I have seen a difference already, starting a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how she can transform into this new crazy tantrum thrower, and then just stop when she done. Then she turns into her sweet little self again. It’s reminds me a little of what I think bi-polar is, except that she’s a toddler. I told my mom and sister that you can see it coming and it kind of spirals out of control. I warned them the other day. Marielle started whining and it started getting worse and I could see it being a full on tantrum – I said, “3 year old tantrum coming! 3 year old tantrum coming!! It’s a about to spiral!!” Ally and I were giggling about it, but I had to pick up Marielle and take to another room to calm her down.

I have also noticed that I have to really control myself when one of these new tantrums strike. I have gotten so mad, and I’ve already learned that does nothing to help. If she’s throwing a tantrum, I can either try and argue and reason (ha!) with her, or I can just ignore it, put her in her room and wait for her to finish. She usually will calm down and ask for a hug after a while. But it’s still so very frustrating. I hate to hear her screaming and crying, but if I give in and give it attention, I believe that will make it worse the next time. Right??

Anyway, we had a swimming party at our house for her birthday. She was very excited for her friends and cousins to come over and swim with her at her house. The party wound up being a little smaller than expected at the last minute, but there was still a lot of people here. Here are pics:

e Marielle's 3rd bday (2) Got to have a Princess cake!

e Marielle's 3rd bday (7)

e Marielle's 3rd bday (9) e Marielle's 3rd bday (10)e Marielle's 3rd bday (16) e Marielle's 3rd bday (18)e Marielle's 3rd bday (38) Happy Birthday to you!

e Marielle's 3rd bday (47)e Marielle's 3rd bday (50)e Marielle's 3rd bday (67) Presents, presents, presents!

e Marielle's 3rd bday (72) e Marielle's 3rd bday (83)e Marielle's 3rd bday (90) SURPRISE PRESENT!!

e Marielle's 3rd bday (96)e Marielle's 3rd bday (100)

She liked that little motorcycle…at first!! Now she won’t ride it!! Who knows – she’s a 3 year old.


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