Aunt K-K, I’m going to have a……


Wha-hoo!!! I am so excited about Ally’s baby. I kinda mentioned a few blogs ago that my sister, Allison, is pregnant. She is due on Halloween, and last Friday she had her ultrasound and found out it’s a boy. We are all so excited, and to be honest, a little clueless!! We all really only have experience with little girls.

Allison and I have talked a lot about this since she found out she was pregnant, and since I am already home everyday, I have offered to keep the baby for her. If you know me and my sister, you would probably know that I kinda worship her. Since we were kids, I have always followed her around and copied her (much like my own kids do now!). I have gone to her with all my problems and she has always been there for me. I know that she has done much more for me than I have ever done for her – until now, I hope! Ally works 4 days a week and her Thursdays are over at 2. So starting at the beginning of next year, for 3 and 1/2 days a week, we’ll have an extra little boy around this house!! I can’t wait for our new adventure!!

Ally had her ultrasound last Friday and she and Billy were totally mean and made us all wait until AFTER dinner when they had us over to tell us the sex. I’ll show you how they did it through the pictures:

Mini Toups_edited-1

A little explanation. They  made a cake and colored the batter blue. We couldn’t see if it was a boy or girl until it was cut into, or until someone stuck there hand in there to see. Which is what my dad planned to do. So Billy decided to protect the cake with mouse traps…silly Billy!!

Also, a little explanation about “Mini-Toups”. Since Billy has been previously married, when Ally and Billy started dating, their friends started calling them, “The New Toups”. Now since they are pregnant, they came up with a clever name for the baby - “Mini Toups”. We love the term “Mini Toups” and I think it’s going to stick for a long time.

DSCN0340 copy

The happy couple!



IMG_0273 Mini Toups first jammies – with “Mini Toups” embroidered. It was from my mom, and she had a blue and pink one ready.

We are so excited for my sister and Billy and we can’t wait to get some BOY energy around here!!


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