A few pics from my bday

My birthday was on Monday. Since that would be just a regular day for me, we did our celebrating Sunday. Breakfast in bed (not really, but it was breakfast by request, and I didn’t have to lift a finger), and lots of lazy. After laying around for about 2 hours, Jon suggested we go have a picnic on the levee downtown. We got ready quickly and made it down there to eat and barely miss the rain. I was really happy to come home to find a few good pics of me and my girls.

bday at the levee_edited-1

I didn’t get any good ones of Aliza by herself, but I did really like this one of Marielle…

e (36) copy

Other than that, my birthday was really low-key this year. No big celebrations and no big deal. And that’s fine with me, all I need is a day to be lazy and I’m happy. I guess that’s what happens when as the years go on!!!


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