A finished GaryArt

Wow! That is about all I can say for the art work that Jon’s dad did in my parents office. Wow! Grandy spent a lot of time on this and lots of hard work. He drove in early Tuesday morning and worked until about 2 on Friday. He stayed at our house and the girls had a great time having Grandy for a few sleepovers.

My mom had originally wanted just a few things on the wall, some ABC’s, a zoo animal or 2 and a saying she picked out. I had printed out a few pictures of zoo animals and mom had her saying “Bloom where God Plants You” ready for Grandy. Grandy had much bigger plans than just a few letters and animals. Again, WOW! Here are the pics, so you can see the WOW for yourself…

1st wall - the ABC wall

It started out simple…

a (24) Gary art at SEGO (1) Gary art at SEGO (8)

Then it got a little more and more elaborate…

Gary art at SEGO (42) Gary art at SEGO (34)

I LOVE the giraffe!!

Gary art at SEGO (49) copy IMG_4095

And the monkey!

Gary art at SEGO (31) Gary art at SEGO edited(32)

There was a small issue with the Alphabet. Grandy forgot the “W”. When the mistake was caught, he had already drawn the monkey on that limb and the bananas, so it was not feasible to erase the XYZ and draw in the W, so Grandy improvised, and added the W like this:


I love it! It shows that everyone makes mistakes, and you do what you gotta do to fix them…

Then, the Do Re Mi Wall

I love, love, love this wall! I found a cute picture of these birds on a limb with a duck. Grandy reproduced it perfectly. Then he added frogs, a crawfish and some beautiful trees. Jon even got to draw on this wall – he drew the smaller tree on his lunch break one day.  Gary art at SEGO (29)IMG_4111 “do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, QUACK!” LOL!!Gary art at SEGO (73) 


Next, the Nemo wall:

He used a picture from the DVD. He did a GREAT job on this!!

Gary art at SEGO (47) Gary art at SEGO (48)Gary art at SEGO (27) IMG_4110

Lastly, the Bloom wall:

Gary art at SEGO (5) Gary art at SEGO (43)Gary art at SEGO (35) Gary art at SEGO (38) Gary art at SEGO (40)IMG_4103

The bottom portion of this wall will be painted with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. So the girls will get to be creative, too – just like their Grandy!!

Thank you, Grandy, so much for taking a few days of your time to come and paint this playroom for us!! It is much more than we expected and absolutely perfect for our girls – and soon to be mini-toups. We love you!!

Here is a video of the whole thing…



  1. How amazing and special that Gandy did this. The girls will be able to brag for years to come what he did for them! Can I hire him to do Tiger Stadium? I promise to feed him well :)


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