Gary Art

Jon’s dad is an artist. He does all kinds of art. Canvas’, storefront windows, greeting cards, posters. Anything you ask him to do, he can pretty much do. So, my parents moved into their new office a few weeks ago, and they have a lot of space. So much, that my kids and Ally’s Mini-Toups”, get to have a playroom there. It’s a small room off the kitchen that my parents decided to make “fun” for the kids.

Mom thought about getting some decals or paint it fun or do something else, but since we have an artist in the family, we asked him to do some wall painting for us. I printed out some animals and ideas for him and my mom had a few things she wanted on the walls. He’s here for a few days staying with us while he paints. I’ll give you a sneak peek for now, more to come in a few days.

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