Fried Dinner Tonight…

I have to share. I have a blogger friend, Sarah, and she turned me on to this website Pinterest. I now am constantly checking this website for updated pictures and ideas. Ideas for nothing in particular, just ideas.

There are a lot of recipes and gorgeous pictures of these delicious recipes. We had some friends over Sunday and I decided to try this. Instead of the big wonton shells, I got small ones and cut each string cheese into 3 equal pieces. Also, I wanted to make it a little healthier so I tired to bake instead of fry. We don’t fry often here in Garynation. That was a bad decision. While the cheese that melted out of them and baked on the cookie sheet tasted yummy, it was somewhat unappetizing to look at. I had anticipated that that might happen, but I didn’t have a back up, so we ate the melty cheese and enjoyed what we could. The leftovers went in the trash.

Jon was frying fish last night, and he has some leftover oil. I re-made these and let him fry them up. YUM!!

mozz sticks I failed to take pictures of ours, but mine were just like these, only smaller. Served with marinara sauce from Monjuni’s = perfection!!!

I also thought, while we’re frying – let’s go all out. Are you ready for this?

avacado fried  AVOCADO FRIES!!
I had one avocado and decided we had to try these. These. Were. So. Good. A soft, warm avocado under a crunchy, panko crust. Mmmmmm. Our only thing was a dipping sauce. My first thought was ranch. Then Jon said something about a sweet sauce. I immediately said honey. OMG – so, so perfect.

I don’t see us eating either of these often, but I’m so glad we tried it!! Now, it’s back to healthy eating and a poolside summer!!

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